Thermal Spray

Thermal SprayIf we could see each others' souls, what would they look like? If the "goddesses and gods" of ancient mythology appeared in physical form in the 21st century, how would they appear to us? In my metal art, I seek to fuse imagination with storytelling and light to bring these creatures to life.

I believe that all beings, human or animal, have a magic "light body" inside their physical bodies. Known to Hindus as the "subtle body," this aspect of ourselves yearns for sculptural expression. I create metal impressions of people that reveal their 'light bodies' and tell stories through language and symbology. I re-incarnate the goddess, god or spiritual entities that harken to our collective human memory.

I create my work with a combination of special-effects mold making materials and an aerospace technology called Thermal Spray. Using a Thermal Spray system is like spray painting with molten metal. With a patent-pending process called Flashcasting, I spray metal into molds to create lightweight, extremely accurate metal "fingerprints" of human subjects. I then complement the core piece with carved stone mountings or carve designs through the metal surface and illuminate the pieces using a combination of LEDs, electro-luminescent wire and flat-panel displays. The result is often other-worldly, at once both human and supernatural.